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2010 Davis Family YMCA/ SVTC Sprint Triathlon

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The swim portion of the race is a 500 yard POOL swim.
You will need to submit an accurate 500 yard swim time on your race entry form. Participants will be seeded according to this swim time. Wave starts will be determined by swim times, not by age groups.
We will be using two pools and starting 22 swimmers per start.
All entrants will be assigned a lane 1-11 A or B.
 Lanes will be labeled on the walls in the pool area.
LANES 1-5 (A+B) will be in the OUTDOOR POOL
LANES 6-11  (A+B) will be in the INDOOR POOL
Swimmers will START 2 per lane and will swim 10 LAPS (500 yd) always remaining in your half of the lane (NO circle swim), either A or B.
Lap counters will be utilized. Participants must respect the count of the official in their lane.
Swimmers will exit directly onto the sidewalk and head toward the Transition Area.

BIKE (New Bike Course for 2008)

 Please be advised that our main objective is to host a fun and safe event. Always maintain control over your bike and know the course. THE COURSE WILL BE OPEN TO TRAFFIC

RUN (New Run course for 2008)

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